Some Words About Me

We often spend much of our time indoors and I am captivated by the influence interiors have on our daily lives. I believe that every space has energy and I am interested in how spaces can heal, inspire and psychologically affect the way we feel and perform. Consequently, I see each project as a platform to investigate, discover and capture human connection to the built environment.

l received my formal education in Interior Architecture at Istanbul Gedik University and l studied at Rezekne Academy of Technologies as part of an Erasmus Exchange Program. In addition, l was educated with the design books l read, the exhibitions l visited, the countries l discovered and different types of projects l gained experience.

l believe, design should be people oriented. Every project has to be amenable to change people's lives, living conditions and requirements as well as their lifestyle and their enjoyment. For this reason, every project has a different story. That's why l think the building's relation with its environment, its function and design identity has to be interpreted by considering this situation during the design process.

The intention of my work as a designer is to improve the client's experience through all the syntactic considerations within their environments that they will love to live with for many years to come.


Thally van Beijeren

Nisa Kapuagasi has worked directly under my supervision for the past four months. During that time, Nisa has been a self-starter and productive contributor to team efforts. In addition to having a high degree of integrity and a cheerful personality, she is one of those rare individuals who can both follow instructions and take initiative, as appropriate. She is strong in time management, 2D and 3D modeling and her competence extend beyond the skills for which she was originally hired. It was a pleasure working with Nisa.

Aina Strode

Nisa Kapuagasi studied Interior design in the Rezekne Academy of Technologies as an exchange student within the framework of Erasmus+ program. She studied computer programs ArchiCAD, 3dsMAX, Material Studies and Decoration Technologies, Furniture and Light Design, developed a study project, and acquired professional skills in practice. Nisa showed good communication skills and independent work skills, skills to work with information. The student's diploma project also confirms a modern view of interior design solutions. I recommend Nisa Kapuagasi for an interior architect.

Aydın Ömer Kulen

l recommend Nisa Kapuağası as a candidate for employment. l have known Nisa for one year as she has asked many questions after my lessons which she did not take but she is so curious about. l know her from ''Portfolio Design Elements'' course and in student mentoring hours that l teach at Istanbul Gedik University. l have had an opportunity to observe her discipline, analytical approach and willingness to succeed on her goals in mentoring. Nisa has very excellent communication skills, also she incorporates well with independent roles and projects. In career management guidance test, she was very clear about her supporting ideas and explanatory about her views. Her design skills and sense of conceptual communication and imagination is great. Nisa Kapuağası also has qualified sight of arts. Her preparing and work planning point of view on given tasks are diamond in her study of the field. She is very willing and desireful to think about her tasks identical and technical side. She has a well-integrated general culture on personal awareness. Nisa would be a very successful Interior Architect and l strongly recommend her.