How Do I Begin The Design Process

Before starting the project, l ask myself the right questions. Then the answers to these questions help to shape my projects. The most important of these questions are “What I have learned after finishing the project, which problems l have encountered and how l solved them.” The answer to these questions leads me to my next project.

Important factors in the design process:

Site analysis is one of the most important steps of the design process. People are affected by the conditions of the outdoor environment before entering the interior. This is my reason to start the process of the building with its environmental factors which are characteristic of the building, location, local climate, transportation, demographic and cultural structure. As seen in many other projects, the environmental analysis of the Pasalimani project was the identity of that space. l believe environmental analysis has a big role in developing the projects.

Every space has a story. The most important thing is what l want to tell people about this story. As in other stories, l wanted to tell them about their transformation from students to professionals in their educational lives in the Fine Arts and Architecture Faculty project. The words are the interior elements that l care about every detail. If strong words create the best story, the strong interior elements create the best concept.


The technical drawings, 3D modeling and animations are strong tools as any to tell the story in the project.